Woody Cook

Woody Cook is a young, exciting DJ and Presenter.

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Woody Cook

Woody grew up in Brighton in a very liberal and creative household. Initially struggling with education due to his dyslexia he found solace in the creative aspects of education and became obsessed with drama, film and music. He attended Brighton College until the age of 16 where he left to join BHASVIC Sixth Form. He now attends Bristol University studying Film and Theatre.

Being born into such an artistic family gave Woody a really unique outlook on life. Always looking on the bright side of life and being the first to help others when he can, he believes that if you give a little love then it all comes back to you. However, he is well aware of the fact that in order to succeed books and life experience are second to none. So Woody throws himself into everything he does from reading, presenting, speeches and music. 

After a brief modelling stint Woody found himself wrapped up in the incredible experience that was Channel 4’s The Circle, in which he got to the final proving that being yourself is still a viable option in the world we live in. Following this his friendly and genuine while entertaining persona then landed him sitting next to his Mum Zoe Ball on Series 2 of Celebrity Gogglebox where again people fell in love with Woody’s infectious personality.

Besides the TV you can find Woody DJ’ing across the country where he has been making a name for himself on the dance music scene, following in the footsteps of his super star DJ father, Fatboy Slim. Woody tours with his Music / Media label Truth Tribe a company that he co owns which provides musical events and online videos centred around music, mental health and education.

A product of a super creative environment Woody is not just a super star DJ but is also very comfortable in front of camera as a presenter or at live events as a host and speaker. Incredibly passionate about social issues he has spoken for several organisations including Cambridge University. His topics include mental health, sexuality, race, the environment, unity, diversity, inclusion, and other issues that affect society today, born in the year 2000 the start of the millennium Woody is uniquely positioned to speak for Generation Z.

With a natural flair for creating engaging creative content and over 112k Instagram followers Woody is someone that brands are really keen to be associated with. In the future Woody hopes to continue to present his Truth throughout the project’s that he’s involved with. More DJ events, video content, working with brands, public speaking, and interviewing artists: plus, a further focus on presenting and TV work.

It may seem on the surface like Woody is doing a lot, but he has proven himself more than capable and continues to prove that he is more than the sum of his parents with the help of his friends.