Michelle Kosinski

is an American journalist, host, public speaker, and former White House Correspondent for CNN.

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Michelle Kosinski

Michelle Kosinski is an Emmy award-winning veteran international journalist, specialising in foreign policy and human rights.  

In her career, she has reported from more than 60 countries and lived in four, covering world events from the scene including the US war in Afghanistan, the earthquake in Haiti, and the Arab Spring.

She spent nearly a decade in Washington, D.C., inside the Obama White House and the State Department under the Trump administration. Here, she broke multiple stories that made international headlines, including the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Obama administration’s designation of the fight against ISIS as a war, infighting within the Trump administration, and the Congressional investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s use of diplomatic security services.

She also spent years as a foreign correspondent for NBC News based in London, with long-term coverage of everything from terrorist attacks in Europe, political upheaval in Greece and Italy, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan and of course, royal weddings in the UK to suit an enthralled US audience. She won a national Emmy award for her coverage of the 2008 election of Barack Obama.

Leaving the US in 2020 to move to Europe with her family,Kosinski has written and hosted two successful podcasts:  The Webby-award winning The Perfect Scam, and headline-making One Decision, which she co-hosted with the former head of Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove.

She has also worked for two years as a host and writer of The Newshour for TRT World based in Istanbul, conducting lively in-depth interviews and extensively covering the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, and the devastating earthquake in Turkey, as they unfolded.

In her years of far-flung travels, Kosinski has ventured into jungles, swum in the Amazon and sailed on the Nile, climbed into the burial chamber of the Great Pyramid, kept a lookout for polar bears above the Arctic Circle, camped out in Haiti during powerful aftershocks, learned to operate an AK-47, entered smuggling tunnels in Gaza, lived on the bayou during the BP oil spill, attended "gladiator school" in Rome, attempted to surf with a rogue wave hunter in South Africa, slept in a terribly haunted hotel in England, and trekked through rural Mexico to find "patient one" during the Swine Flu outbreak.

In 2019, the Columbia Journalism review said of Kosinski's work: "I covered foreign affairs for BuzzFeed News’ national security desk(RIP), I attended the State Department press briefings. And I’d see Michelle Kosinski, CNN senior diplomatic correspondent, whose questions…were hard hitting, pointed and unrelenting."

Kosinski, now working on a book, a new podcast, and her own projects, has a unique view and candid take on the state of the news media today.  She has worked for news organisations both in the US and abroad, including the Middle East; she has witnessed the transformation of the media landscape over decades.  

Kosinski believes a journalist is best beholden to no one, if at all possible there is no corporate interest or entity controlling the content, which she has experienced first-hand. And that is what she is today: independent, curious, and willing to call out the truth.