Devie Mohan

FinTech speaker, Financial Technology Analyst & Business Influencer

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Devie Mohan

Devie is a passionate FinTech speaker, experienced in both the traditional world of financial services and the disruptive world of FinTech startups. Devie is the co-founder of Burnmark, the global FinTech research company, that supplies FinTech trends and market data to banks and enterprises around the world.

Devie spends her time analysing, predicting and dissecting the FinTech industry and has a keen understanding of all the global trends and activities of startups, banks and investors in the space. She advises some of the world’s leading banks, governments, investors, regulators and consulting firms on innovation and collaborating with startups. She has also worked for firms like Thomson Reuters, IBM, Goldman Sachs and Ericsson.

Devie has been named a FinTech industry influencer by City AM, Innotribe, Bobsguide, FinTech100, BBVA Bank and several other media. She won the Women in Finance award for 2019.

She holds other roles as a Brain trust member of Protocol magazine in the US, Panel member of the Think Forward Initiative for better financial decision making set up by ING Group, Microsoft and Deloitte, Executive Steering Committee member of Linkedin's research reports and an Editor of the Digital Banking Journal.

Having grown up in India and having worked with teams from over 47 countries, Devie has a tremendous international experience. She has travelled to over 50 countries and worked in a number of financial capitals, such as London, Stockholm, Washington DC, New York and Mumbai, giving her a strong understanding of cultural impact.

Devie is the author of The Financial Services to Fintech, that looks at case studies of successful partnerships to show how banks and fintech organisations can work together to innovate faster and increase profitability. The book covers key segments within fintech, including regtech, robo-advisory, blockchain and challenger banking.

With a computer engineering background and degrees and certificates from IMD Lausanne, Boston University Graduate School of Management and Indian Institute of Management, she is passionate about inspiring young women to find success in technical fields. She also works to improve the awareness globally of Retinoblastoma, a childhood cancer, and runs a charity to support the cause.