Ben Hurst

Ben Hurst (he/him) is an activist, educator, host, presenter, podcaster, model and public speaker.

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Ben Hurst

Ben is the Head of Facilitation and Training at Beyond Equality(formerly The Good Lad Initiative), a UK based organisation that engages men and boys in the gender equality conversation across Schools, Universities and Corporate spaces, rethinking masculinities and promoting positive personhood and healthy relationships. Ben discusses these topics online, most notably in his TEDx Talk, ‘Boys won’t be boys. Boys will be what we teach them to be’, and in print, with features in Stylist magazine, Postscript, Positive News and many more. Ben's work focuses on disrupting and dismantling the gendered stereotypes that men inhabit and encouraging them to explore their own relationships to masculinity.

Ben is also a DEI consultant and trainer for a bunch of organisations he's not allowed to mention because he signed too many NDA's without reading them first, including but not limited to; UNHCR, Virgin, Sky, Travers Smith and Soho House, and he is the co-host of TED x London’s Climate Curious podcast which is really good and explores the current climate crisis. Ben’s focus is on making important conversations accessible for young people and adults from all walks of life and he is currently working on his first book.